11+ Small group tutorials

Each half term we run a block of weekly 11+ preparation sessions. You can book continual blocks to make up a year of sessions or just book a half term booster session.

We are trained teachers and have been tutoring the 11+ for many years, we also offer advice on admission arrangements and create our own bespoke help guides to support you and your child through the process.

We supplement the sessions with weekly homework and holiday homework, which we mark and track the results so that we can gauge the lessons at the right level and also ensure the weak areas are focused on.

As we do not use computer programmes, like some other tuition companies, it means our lessons are specific to your child’s needs and we can be flexible in our approach. As we are trained and experienced teachers it also means we use a range of varied teaching and learning approaches to ensure your child enjoys the sessions and makes progress.

We also offer advice and support to parents on the application process.

We have a shared members area where additional resources can be found. Email us for access and click here

We also run mock test practice sessions throughout the year and produce a diagnostic report to identify weak areas that need further practise. Please call to enquire about these on 07872954217.

Summer School at Oldfield Brow Primary School

We also run a very popular and oversubscribed summer school in August– ideal if your child is taking the tests in the September

When our group tutoring sessions run ?

We offer weekly small group 11+ tutoring sessions – with a maximum of 5 students. This enables students to become confident and work together in an enjoyable and supportive way. These run on Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

What age is suitable?

If your child is in year 4 or 5 it is advisable to consider 11+ tuition or ensure you are spending time going over tests and how to approach the questions, so that you child is confident in tackling the tests. State primary schools will rarely cover this material, so it is really important that you build in some time each week with your child to practise.

Where ?

We run the tutoring sessions from Lymm and Oldfield Brow Primary School  in Altrincham.

How much do the sessions cost?

We take half termly bookings and the sessions cost £20 an hour. You are welcome to bring your child along to a FREE trial session. Call us to book this in advance on 07872954217.

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