What are the benefits of exam revision as opposed to tutoring?

This is a question I’m being asked a lot at the moment. Here are some benefits….

  • Exam revision sessions are not supposed to be a long – term strategy – they are specific to the exam
  • Most children do not need tutoring – but all children would benefit from an exam revision booster- schools do try to run some – but given the size of student groups these are now often only for students below target and they have the large class sizes which reduces the impact.
  • Students actually work best away from their peers in a different environment- they make huge amounts of progress in the sessions- there is no time wasted
  • Tutoring is a long – term solution to support your child through education
  • A tutor may be needed to support a specific subject /if your child has a specific difficulty / needs more confidence building and one to one attention that they don’t get in a classroom
  • Unless you are super rich, a tutor for every subject every week for 2 years would be financial suicide!
  • Most tutors are not examiners and some are not even teachers- a teacher of the subject is essential for tutoring and exam revision classes
  • You won’t find a good tutor that can offer one to one sessions before an exam – Tutors usually work with students for the 1-2 years before an exam
  • Tutors are not always exam board specialists – which is what your child needs before an exam
  • If you could read the examiners reports for all subjects the comment that always comes up is … students need practice in the techniques needed to access the questions- which is why we work with examiners
  • We are cost effective – you could even sign your child up for numerous subjects to ensure they are exam ready
  • We have only teachers and examiners working with us
  • We tailor all courses to the individual students on the course and the exam board/ tier they are being entered for
  • Small groups allow individual attention but the dynamic of a class- which is less stressful for students

Book onto one of our sessions for free and really see how much your child gets out of it. I guarantee it will provide a huge boost of confidence/ knowledge and skill development to enable them to tackle their exam with confidence.