What should my child be doing this Easter?

Although many people are currently debating the hours needed to ensure effective revision versus the need to relax and recharge over the holiday…The holidays are the ideal time to ramp up the revision, that is often hard to cover in depth over the usual term time. A working day is perfectly feasible for students, after all they are in school all day every week, so it should be perfectly possible to spend days revising and have evenings for relaxation. Make sure they have a timetable and are organised before they start to revise or the first part of the day will be filled with procrastination and inactivity. Don’t leave them to it.. check how they are getting on.. give them drinks .. and check they are working (surreptitiously of course.. no one needs the wrath of a stressed teen!) Small chunks of different subjects are better than hours and hours of one subject. Try to encourage them to use topic/ syllabus checklists/ PLCs to tick off topics are they are covered- this will make them see they are making progress and encourage them. Although it may be hard to get your child to start the revision process in this way it will become easier once this becomes the established routine.

Easter Revision courses can be really beneficial and more and more parents are choosing to send their children to at least a few subject sessions. According to the Council for Independent Education, “this year is seeing a surge in demand for GCSE Easter Revision courses.”

Many schools do offer their own revision sessions, but some schools only target the underachieving students in their classes. Also, school may not be the best environment: give a student an unfamiliar environment, a new teacher, smaller group sizes and different class mates and you are likely to see rapid progress and a real focus on revision after the sessions.

Revision sessions are very affordable, much more so than regular tutoring. The quality of the teaching may well be superior to one to one tutoring, as many teachers and examiners do not have the time to commit to one to one tutoring on a regular basis.

The best courses are run by experienced teachers with examining experience and are exam board specific.

Take a look at our web page for current courses on the lead up to the exams www.cheshireexamsuccess.co.uk