Term 1 Newsletter Autumn 2018

For all parents and students the start of a new term is busy and full of new challenges and it often takes until the Half Term to feel like you have gained some sort of control and order within family life!

We have been busy setting up extra classes for 11+, Key stage 1 and 2 and Key stage 3 and GCSE. It has been hard finding a time that suits all parents for the sessions, but the logic is that if sessions are early evening in the week that it means other activities can be done first and the weekend session principle is that we try to run sessions at the end of the weekend so that families can have time to do other things and not be constrained by a tutoring session! If my logic is not the same as yours then please let me know!

We also hope to have some sessions running in Altrincham Total Fitness after the October Half term, which may suit some people.

Our October revision programme kicks off the start of the GCSE and A Level programme for the year. October is an important time for students as they need to begin preparations for mocks or PPEs that are usually just before Christmas. The earlier children start to revise the better. Research suggests that interleaved and distributive practice is the most effective- this takes time to do. Please ask for a revision technique and PowerPoint if you feel it can help. The October sessions are very beneficial for consolidating knowledge from the first year of the course and tackling any areas of concern, as well as developing exam technique. The early sessions will help the students gain confidence to tackle revision more independently and help prevent exam stress. If students feel in control of their revision it helps them manage the workload and stress that can build up over the year. Parents and students need to find ways to avoid any last-minute panic and pre preparation is the best way to help avoid this.

We are also in the process of producing booklets and guides for parents and students taking the 11+ as well as subject specific revision booklets for GCSE subjects. We are also updating our suggested resources list for all subjects.

We do have a member’s area of the website, but we are still experiencing technical issues which means we cannot give out log in details just yet. But we will keep you posted.

As always, do let me know if there is anything you would like to help support your child through their educational journey and I will see what we can do.

Have a hard working and successful first term back!

Jayne and the team and Cheshire Exam Success

PS if you would rather not receive newsletters then please let me know and I will ensure that they do not get sent out.