Pick something educational that can help with revision and for children aged 8-18!

How not to waste money on stocking fillers this year? Grab some nice revision aids and games for younger children and your money will be well spent.

If your child is doing exams this year it is easy to find little extras to pop into their stocking to use over the year. Who doesn’t love little( or big ) post it notes and coloured pens?!  Some silly moustache paper clips from Amazon? Even an 18 year old will use these at some point.. but it may not be the best present you have ever given them!

  • Folders and notebooks and revision cards to help them organise their revision notes are a great idea. Paperchase has a great range of quirky aids for revision.
  • A  notice board is a great idea to get them to write reminders and lists on to help them prioritise their revision timetable.
  • Research has shown that the colour red is good to help encourage recall, so pick a few red items to help this process.
  • For children doing SATS this year making sure they know their times tables off by heart and at speed is a must. Pick one of these games to make it fun. Brainbox do some great games to support learning at primary level.