Educational consultancy for parents

We offer a bespoke consultancy service for parents that fits your individual needs.

What we can help with?

Are you in need of some advice on what the options are for your child? Are you transferring your child to a school from outside the UK ? Do you want some advice and help though the 11+ process or private school entrance exams? Are you unsure about what the best type of school is for your child?

We can offer advice and support on all of the above. We can do the research for you and produce an independent report on the options available. We also produce materials to support students and parents through the 11+ process.

Our services can include:

  • Thirty minutes of one-to-one telephone conversation. Most commonly, parents use this service to help decide between offers from two schools or to help in understanding some of the basics of UK education.
  • Sixty minutes’ conversation with a highly experienced advisor to discuss a more complex matter eg weighing up the merits of several schools already known to you or dealing with a particular problem of limited scope eg a conflict at school, a bullying problem, lack of academic progress.

You can call us about anything that troubles you about your child. It may be to do with schooling and/or education. We can’t promise to have all the answers but we have a vast amount of experience, common sense and know-how. And if we can’t help you ourselves, you can be sure we will know someone who can.

NB Anything you tell us – unless it involves a potential risk to children which we are legally bound to disclose – is completely confidential and remains between you and your consultant.

The information you give in your initial telephone call or email will enable us to advise you on which service would best suit you and to choose the best consultant for you.

Typically parents use this service to:

  • learn more about the basics of the UK education system
  • help decide between offers of places at two or three schools
  • learn more about admissions procedures to state schools in specific areas
  • discuss a problem to do with their child’s school
  • get quick advice in the case of urgent need eg a bullying problem

The fee for The Introductory 30 Minute Consultation is £100. The fee for The Introductory 60 Minute Consultation is £150.